20' Refrigerated Container (Thermoking Magnum +)

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20' Refrigerated Container (Thermoking Magnum +)

Category: Reefer & Insulated

Thermo King Magnum+ delivers outstanding performance that helps preserve items even in extreme climatic conditions. This type of refrigerated container is vital to the food supply chain. It is also useful for efficient distribution and coordination between manufacturers and retailers.

The Thermo King Magnum+ is equipped with reliable temperature control to keep the cargo inside the container at a controlled temperature. Temperature-sensitive goods can be stored longer in a certain temperature range. This type is ideal for storing perishables and non-food items.

This unit can be modified in various dimensions and sizes according to customer’s request to meet product storage needs. Custom configurations are possible in 20ft, 20ft HC, 40ft, 40ft HC size.

The Thermo King Magnum is the leading product in its class. It can reach -40°C and can maintain temperature inside between -40°C and +40°C even though the outside temperature is +50°C. This unit is designed to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions. The container is made of highly reliable Stainless steel and Corten steel.

This refrigerated container unit has a Remote Monitoring Modem (RMM+) feature that allows integration with remote monitoring system. It can ensure the reefer condition from a distance location. R-452A Refrigerant is used in this cooling engine. It is more environmentally friendly. Thermo King also offers Advanced Fresh Air Management Plus outside air exchange with AVL (Air Vent Logging) to track the composition of airflow in the container.

This refrigerated container comes with a simple design, easy maintenance, and eficient maintenance cost. In addition, the products are manufactured according to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards.



External dimensionsL 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.6 m
Volume1.003 cu ft28.4 m³
Tare weight6.220 lbs2.820 kgs
Max payload60.980 lbs27.660 kgs
Max cargo67.200 lbs30.480 kgs

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