9.5' Mini Offshore DNV Containers

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9.5' Mini Offshore DNV Containers

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Offshore platforms are located far away from land. That is why offshore platform equipment and materials are much more valuable. This is because it is very costly to replace damaged or lost items on offshore platforms.

And unlike on land offshore platform space is very limited. We can provide a 9.5’ mini DNV shipping container. This compact DNV shipping container is the right choice for safely storing expensive equipment and materials. The 9.5’ mini DNV shipping container is perfect for tight spaces. The mining company can purchase several of these containers to store different kind of equipment, tools and supplies.

Small doesn’t mean weak. Built with characteristics like large offshore DNV containers. All our DNV containers are made of Corten steel and reinforced according to DNV standard for offshore containers. The new container has a CSC plate that allows for international shipping.

A damaged item means extra cost for the company. Tradecorp helps prevent this by providing offshore containers. These offshore container DNVs are designed and manufactured according to the DNV 2.7-1 standard.

We have been an Offshore DNV Containers supplier for many years. Contact our sales team for more information on our 9.5ft mini DNV shipping container products. Please send us your requirements.



Tare weight3.480 lbs1.580 kgs
Max payload8.820 lbs4.000 kgs
Max cargo12.300 lbs5.580 kgs

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Any kind of dry goods products can be safely stored and shipped inside a used container. We will help you to find the most suitable used shipping containers in 9.5′ Mini Offshore DNV.

Tradecorp's used containers are popular to be modified into container modification structures such as a house, offices, small cafes, etc. 

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