40' High Cube Container Cold Storage Complex

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40' High Cube Cold Storage Complex

Category: Reefer & Insulated

Storing frozen raw food products or other products that need a certain temperature in large numbers at a certain location is very challenging. Especially if at the location the facility is not available. This is where our 40'HC Cold Storage Complex can provide the answer. This unit can be delivered and constructed quickly.

The 40’HC Cold Storage Complex consists of five 40 feet high cube units. 3 of them are refrigerated containers with Thermo king Cooling Machine. The other two are insulated containers. Two units only have one side wall and the other three do not come with walls at all. This arrangement enables the combination of these 5 units into one cold storage unit.

This cold storage has a 40 feet x 40 feet area with 15.360 cu ft or 434,9 m3 volume. This is quite a large storage. This cold storage can be assembled in a relatively short time. The 3 Thermo King cooling machine will ensure a stable cold temperature throughout the entire interior.

Each cooling machine has a digital controller that can control temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Refrigerated containers are commonly used to store perishable food products and other temperature sensitive products. This container can maintain the required temperature for temperature sensitive items. This ensures product quality and prevents spoilage.

T bar floor will allow air flow below the cargo. A side personnel door is also available on the unit shown on this page. This door is human size, it will reduce temperature change when door is opened.

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External dimensionsL 40’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’L 12 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.9 m
Volume2.377 cu ft67,3 m³
Tare weight9.880 lbs4.480 kgs
Max payload65.080 lbs29.520 kgs
Max cargo74.960 lbs34.000 kgs

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