10' High Cube Cafe Shipping Container

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10' High Cube Cafe Shipping Containers

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Start your food and beverage business with this 10' HC Café Container. This is another great container cafe design that gives you the flexibility to accommodate your F&B business. It is relatively compact, so it is recommended for tight spaces.

This bright red container is easy to remember and easy to spot from a distance. The wavy design on both the outer and inner walls is attractive. In addition, three service window are available for serving the customer and air circulation.

Step inside the 10 feet high cube café container to see clear white walls and sturdy plywood floors. There is also plenty of space for all the necessary kitchen equipment and staff to run your business. Prepare and serve menus to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, the container is very mobile. This unit can be moved to festivals, bazaars, events, etc. You don’t need a lot of effort to move the food stand. Forklift pockets allow containers to be safely lifted onto a truck and ready to be transported.

The containers we use to build this café comply with ISO standards. It is a durable construction. To discuss further about custom request please contact us through the quote form and one of our representatives will talk to you soon.

keeps you and your customers safe. those who are having trouble finding a place to put it. strong with Tradecorp’s 10ft High Cube Cafe Container. the items you want to sell. can be moved together in one place.

We provide a container remodeling service that meets the needs and requests of our customers. You can choose any color you like. You can also place your brand logo on the unit body.

Of course, you can also install and operate electricity, water, kitchen appliances, etc. To make everything easier, we offer direct delivery to your desired location. Worry no more as your 10ft high cube cafe container will arrive on time.

as well as for transporting small cargo.

All of our brand new containers pass the CSC security checks before they reach our customers.

But, of course, we can help arrange transportation until the container reaches its destination. Finally, if you order small shipping containers of different sizes, the smaller containers can fit inside the larger container so they can be shipped together.

add lockers, special flooring, roller doors, ventilation, windows, exhaust fans, etc. Also, this type of container is available with DNV standards to support offshore activities.

Additionally, if you have any special customization requests to improve container design and security, feel free to let us know. We do our best to satisfy our customers by meeting their shipping container needs. Additionally, this type of container is also available in DNV standards to support offshore activities.

Additionally, new containers come with a valid CSC certificate that proves they have passed safety tests and are safe to use. Moreover, we offer this type of container according to DNV standards for offshore activities.

Plus, due to its compact size, less effort is required to move the 10’ mini shipping container.

Of course, many tweaks and modifications can be made to make this container fit your needs.



External dimensionsL 10’ x W 8’ x H 9’6″L 3 m x W 2.4 m x H 2.7 m
Volume565 cu ft16 m³
Tare weight4.400 lbs2.000 kgs
Max payload8.850 lbs4.000 kgs
Max cargo13.250 lbs6.000 kgs

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Any kind of dry goods products can be safely stored and shipped inside a used container. We will help you to find the most suitable used shipping containers in 10′ High Cube Cafe Container.

Tradecorp's used containers are popular to be modified into container modification structures such as a house, offices, small cafes, etc. 

Tradecorp's used shipping containers are usually used for storage. These used shipping containers are capable of storing such different dried manufactured goods, modified containers, and storing containers. The containers are also easy to be loaded and unloaded.  

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