6' Dry Shipping Container

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6' Dry Shipping Container

Category: Mini Containers

Introducing our most compact container, the 6’ mini shipping container. At just 6 feet long, 6.5 feet wide, and 6.1 feet high, this container fits perfectly in tight spaces. The Tradecorp 6’ mini shipping container features standard dual rear-end doors, forklift pockets, durable plywood floors, four locking-bars mechanism, and a sturdy body.

Although small, this container offers the same safety and durability for the cargo inside. It is also perfect for personal storage to keep unused home appliances, inventory, hobby/sporting equipment. It can also be placed in the backyard as a backyard shed to keep your gardening equipment and supplies.

We put quality first, so you don’t have to worry about the durability of your containers. It remains strong throughout its lifetime, even when exposed to bad weather conditions. This is due to the basic frame made of Corten steel.

Each 6’ mini shipping container is manufactured according to international standards. Brand new containers went through a series of inspection processes to ensure that the containers can be used safely.

Plus, its size makes it much easier to move the 6 mini shipping containers from one place to another.

If you need relatively compact, robust and durable storage, please contact us to order your container.



External dimensionsL 6’ x W 6.5’ x H 6.1’L 1,8 m x W 2 m x H 1,8 m
Volume192 cu ft5.45 m³
Tare weight1.763 lbs800 kgs
Max payload9.700 lbs4.400 kgs
Max cargo11.464 lbs5.200 kgs

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Popular uses for Tradecorp's used shipping Containers

Any kind of dry goods products can be safely stored and shipped inside a used container. We will help you to find the most suitable used shipping containers in 6′ Dry Shipping Container.

Tradecorp's used containers are popular to be modified into container modification structures such as a house, offices, small cafes, etc. 

Tradecorp's used shipping containers are usually used for storage. These used shipping containers are capable of storing such different dried manufactured goods, modified containers, and storing containers. The containers are also easy to be loaded and unloaded.