5 Fun Facts about Shipping Containers

There are so many fascinating things or facts about storage or shipping containers as we learn about them. From shipping needs to industrial demands, shipping containers have done a lot of good. There are numerous things or products that we use, ride, or wear now that have probably been made or shipped overseas. Other than air freight, shipping containers are also greatly used for shipping large quantities of items and products by sea. While there are many things to discover about shipping containers, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about these giant metal boxes. Here are 5 things about shipping containers you should know about!

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You have probably witnessed your neighbors, surrounding, or somewhere on TV or the internet using shipping containers as mini coffee shops, libraries, mobile art galleries, or even hotels. Shipping containers, indeed, have so many alternative uses whether in new conditions or when no longer used. They can be customized to whatever suits the need. Some of the popular alternatives are barbeque sheds, additional barns, workshop spaces, and household storage, or if you are into entrepreneurship, you can turn them into portable mini food stalls too.

  • Shipping Containers Move Large Numbers of Worldwide Cargo

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Many available cargo transport options are existing, but when it comes to large-quantity items and shipping within nations, shipping containers are the answer. Tradecorp provides many kinds of shipping containers, starting from standard containers to reefers, tank, DNV, and more. As globalization grows, more product demands occur between countries to deliver international trade. Be it essential goods like perishable products (raw meat, fish, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables), electronics, vehicles, or any type of materials, more demands grow and keep coming every year. The economy depends on each of these businesses since they are responsible for the international shipping of goods.

  • Rubber Ducks from a Fallen Shipping Container Are Still Wandering Around

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Somewhen in 1992, a shipping container carrying around 28,000 rubber ducks and other bath toys departing from China to the U.S. toppled into the North Pacific. According to news reports, some may have made it to Maine and other Atlantic coasts. Many of the ducks eventually found their way to the shore and were found. But there are still a great number of rubber ducks missing.

A journalist named Donovan Hohn even took a mission tracking the thousands of rubber ducks’ remarkable journey by writing a book and learning about ocean currents, the dangers of plastic (and other objects) dumped into the ocean, and telling about the incident in detail. He traveled to the Arctic, Hawaii, China, and other places to complete the book.

Tradecorp has durable shipping containers made of corten steel that is weather-proof and non-corrosive that can secure items, so you will not have to worry about the quality of your shipping containers.

  • Some Containers Can Only Be Used for Certain Types of Products

Other than the standard shipping containers, there are many types of containers that each have different uses. For instance, standard shipping containers are used for transporting dry goods, refrigerated or what is called reefer containers are used for storing or transporting products that need to be kept at certain temperatures, then there are also tank containers that are used to transport liquid materials. Some of these shipping containers can only be functioned to transport specific types of materials, and it is essential to keep track of previous shipments.

Shipping containers that were used to store liquid chemical products, drugs, batteries, or such may risk being used to store other types of items, like food products like dairy, agricultural products, or fishery. Shippers might want to guarantee that their goods are of the same quality when they arrive at their destination. For instance, we would not want any chemical contamination in a storage container that was initially used to transport nail polish remover and was then used to transport milk. Similar limitations apply to various chemicals and products, all of which exist to keep us safe and prevent unintended incidents.

  • There Is a Container City in Mexico

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About 50 standard shipping containers make up a Container City, which is located in Cholula, about two hours outside of Mexico City. The containers were placed in a 4500 square meter (48,500 square foot) area, then stacked to form streets, alleys, and courtyards. The containers were painted with bright colors, then were furnished with some lighting, kitchen, dining rooms, and others. 

This ‘container city’ has a few residential apartments as well as restaurants, juice bars, regular bars, eccentric little shops, bookstores, and art galleries. There is a ton of outdoor space to lounge around, and sometimes there will be some scheduled events and bands too. The types that they are using for building the ‘city container’ include container houses that could be modified from our product, such as portacamp and modular houses. This creative use of containers is to demonstrate how useful they can be when modified and designed properly.

Conex containers have a lot to offer and have a huge role in our lives, from logistics to manufacturing. Nowadays, they are creatively used for various other purposes. Tradecorp offers containers of several sizes and types ready for order, purchase, or rent. From standard shipping containers to specialized, refrigerated, tank, or offshore DNV containers. Do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your needs, just fill out the quote form to get our best offers and our team will get in touch with you right away.

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