All You Need to Know About 20’ GP Shipping Containers

One of the most popular and efficient means of cargo transport across the globe is sea containers. There are many specific types of shipping containers, one of the standard types is the 20 feet GP (general purpose) shipping container. Their compact design supports the transport between rails, trucks, ships, and any port handling equipment seamlessly. To start with, we need to gain better knowledge and comprehension of the main distinction of the 20 ft GP shipping containers among the other size preferences, what are the benefits and advantages of picking out the 20’ GP shipping containers to be your most suitable option, their functions, what are they made of, specifications, along with the features or add-ons that are included in the containers.

What Exactly is a 20’ GP Shipping Container?

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A 20 feet general purpose shipping container is also known as a standard container for its size and volume. This type of shipping container has a total length of 20 feet measured from the front edge to the other end, with an external height of 8’6” (2,6m). It is made of maritime-grade corten steel. Corten steel is an alloy consisting of steel and other metals, known as one of high-strength steel. Alongside the durability, they require low maintenance and take a longer time to rust, which is very ideal for shipping containers where they need to be resistant under any weather and circumstances. The 20 ft GP shipping container has corrugated or ridged walls topped with a sturdy roof, and is furnished with a concrete plywood floor.

The 20’ GP type of shipping container is a divine choice to transfer goods and materials across the sea, a good investment for their longevity and economical reason.

20’ GP Shipping Container Specifications

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The 20 ft GP shipping container has some detailed specifications with a length, width, and height of 20’ x 8’ x 8,6’. This type of shipping container can accommodate 1,171 cu ft of volumes with 4,585 lbs of tare weight and a maximum freight of 62,615 lbs. The 20’ general-purpose shipping container is common to deliver a range of goods, like industrial equipment, raw materials, and apparel, to vehicles like cars or bikes. Shipping containers are a considerable choice for a long-term investment. When no longer used, the standard containers still hold a functional or price value to be converted into business spaces or extra storage when needed with less hassle.


External dimensions L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’ L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.6 m
Volume 1.171 cu ft 33.2 m³
Tare weight 4.585 lbs 2.080 kgs
Max payload 62.615 lbs 28.400 kgs
Max cargo 67.200 lbs 30.480 kgs

Features and Add-ons

This type of dry container is also equipped with some additional features like extra air vents, forklift pockets, plywood floors, lashing rings, and easy open doors. The small extra air vents on both sides of the shipping containers are functional for proper ventilation in removing excess moisture from the air. Shippers would not have to worry about rotting goods as well since the ventilated shipping container helps maintain a balanced temperature. Plywood flooring is also a durable choice that is easy to install on any type of platform. It is a composite building material that is made of thin layers of wood veneer, a suitable element to be container flooring. The other features like forklift pockets and lashing rings are also helpful for transporters moving containers from rails to trucks, lifting from lands to ships, and securing the applications. 

Considering a 20’ GP Shipping Container

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Compared to air, road, and rail freight, sea containers hold the advantage of transporting over long distances with still an affordable rate. Sea containers are also relatively sustainable for delivering goods internationally, which makes them an ideal choice to transfer in big volumes. The type of materials that are efficient to be transported using sea containers is petroleum products, crude oil, chemical industry products, condensed gas, or livestock. Also many types of market industries like garments, electronics, vehicles, or building equipment.

All in all, there are pros and cons to each shipping alternative. Sea containers work best when you are a regular shipper who delivers materials or goods in big volumes and is not relatively in need of express transfers. More valuable goods that need short shipping times like documents, urgent goods, or high-value commodities may work better using the shipment option like air freight.

Out of all the benefits and convenience that a shipping container could offer, shipping containers may become one of your top alternatives on the list. In many cases, it is more reasonable and wise to invest or allocate your money to a functional option that is sustainable and becomes practical use in the long term. Shipping containers are durable, secure, and customizable, which would fit into any kind of your desired and preferred needs and still save you a lot of costs. Tradecorp offers many kinds of varieties of sea containers that you may adjust readily for sale and purchase. Fill out the quote form now to get our best offers or contact us at any time to discuss your needs.

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